Founders and Board

At the Robert A. Bogan Fire Museum, our dedicated staff is the heart and soul of our institution. Committed to preserving the rich history of Baton Rouge’s firefighting heritage, our team brings passion, expertise, and a deep appreciation for the courageous individuals who have protected our community. From knowledgeable curators to friendly guides, our staff is here to ensure that your visit to the museum is informative, engaging, and memorable. With their wealth of knowledge and genuine enthusiasm, our team is always ready to answer your questions, share captivating stories, and provide an immersive experience that celebrates the incredible legacy of firefighters. Get to know our exceptional staff as they bring the captivating world of firefighting history to life at the Bogan Fire Museum.

Executive Committee

Greg Player – President 

Laura McDavitt – Vice President 

Heather Ordoyne – Chief Finance Officer

Mike Paternostro (BRFD) – Recording Secretary


Lisa Paternostro – Treasurer

Open Position – Development Director

Chris Gibson (ESFD) – Historical Director

Oscar Williams (ESFD)  – Facilities Director

Kat Kleinpeter (BRFD) – Educational Director 


Christan Rogers